Key Technologies / Libraries:

  • Python
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Web-hosted interactive dashboard (Plotly Dash)
  • SQL database / warehousing (Snowflake)


This app shows how easy it can be to trawl through a large collection of text data and to see information at the macro and micro scales, enabling instant business intelligence at the users' fingertips.

A database of Amazon reviews is instantly analysed to provide macro stats and analysis on this dashboard, while a deeper dive into the data is enabled through filters and search functions.

Each review is quickly analysed to indicate its overall sentiment, and any named entities are automatically extracted to allow further data exploration of related reviews and subsets of data.

Such an app can run off of any database (SQL or NoSQL), including data warehousing solutions such as Snowflake. Thus it can be easily scaled as your data grows.


Explore random reviews or subsets of data
Discover related reviews


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