Data Dashboards

Turning data into insights can be difficult.

Data dashboards can turn your data into valuable insights, and help you do it in a repeatable, accessible manner.

Real-time Video Analysis (Python)

AI is driving sports forward in many ways previous thought not possible. Here, we leverage computer vision to build an app that can instantly analyse and quantify athletes' movements in any video.

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Big Geographical Data Analysis

These apps analyse big geodata, using cluster computing to ensure scalability.

Ship data app | Power grid app | Power grid app - Source code | Webinar

BI Dashboard App

This app shows how to leverage a database of customer reviews to provide analyses of key trends and insights.

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Network analysis

Network diagrams can reveal details and relationships that may not be otherwise impossible to identify. Here, a dynamic, filterable, interactive network diagram is created on-the-fly to help users explore tens of thousands of nodes.

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Educational Material

We can also help to drive adoption of your platform or package through relatable demo apps for the community, combined with articles and/or videos.

Portfolio analysis

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Custom Visualisations

We can help you build static or dynamic data visualisations. Take a look at some of our work below.