Key Technologies / Libraries:

  • Python
  • Web-hosted interactive dashboard (Plotly Dash)
  • Real-time AI pose analysis (MediaPipe)


This app analyses videos to extract subjects' joint locations in real-time, allowing extraction and quantification of their movement patterns. As a result, the viewer is able to analyse experts' movements through video to see how they perform complex movements as well as to show how reproducible and consistent their movements are as shown below.

Highlighting consistency of motion in Stephen Curry's three-point shots

The analysis is not only accurate but fast, such that results are displayed on screen in real-time. This allows the app to be connected to a video feed to provide feedback and analysis in live sessions or performances.


NBA player Stephen Curry during shooting practice
ex-NBA MVP Steve Nash free throw motion
All-time WNBA great Elena Delle Donne free throw motion

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